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"Let's put over 30 years of legal experience to work for you!"

Auto Accidents and Injuries

Unfortunately auto accidents are far too common, and when two 4,000+ pound vehicles traveling at 30 mph collide, all that energy has to go somewhere, and you are sitting right in the middle of it. The serious injuries and stress resulting from an auto accident are only complicated by the legal difficulties involved.

We have all heard it before, "The insurance companies have attorneys working for them..."  

Let's modify that a bit. "The insurance companies are in business to make money." That's their job; they have shareholders and investors to pay dividends (profits) to. They are not there to compensate you when you're injured. In fact, they want to minimize the payments to you, so as to maximize the profit to the company and their personal bonuses. Company employees are prepared, trained, and rewarded to minimize your injury; and, therefore, the cost to the company. Yes, even your own insurance company when the other driver has no insurance or not enough insurance.

So be prepared to help yourself.

1. Go to the hospital or call your physician immediately to report any symptoms or pain you are feeling.

2. Do not minimize your pain or "soldier up", be honest, if it hurts let them know; it will be reflected in the doctors' and the nurses' notes and it will be used against you down the road if you don't.

3. Report the accident to your insurance company as required, but do not let them record the conversation, and, again, do not minimize your injuries. This will be used against you down the road. 

4. Wait a day or two and let the adrenaline wear off and any muscles, ligaments, or other injuries tighten up so that you can really assess your injuries.

5. If you hurt the next day, call your physician and get in to see him or her as soon as possible.

6. Follow your physician's course of treatment all the way through.

7. Stay with your treatment plan, see a chiropractor, a physical therapist, pain counselor, etc.

8. Be careful with pain medications, they can be highly addictive.  

9. Hopefully, you feel better. No amount of money will ever compensate you for a lifetime of pain or the loss of the use of your body. 

10. Do not settle with anyone until your physician tells you you have reached your maximum level of improvement.

11. Call an attorney, the sooner the better. If not us, then another attorney. Get counsel's assistance.