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"Let's put over 30 years of legal experience to work for you!"

                               Mediate?                                   OR                                  Litigate?

Your Choice


What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process in which you and your spouse gain some control over the terms of your divorce and the terms by which you will parent your children. Divorcing spouses try to negotiate an acceptable agreement concerning marital assets and their children with the help of a neutral third party: the mediator. The mediator helps the spouses to communicate and negotiate but doesn't make any decisions for them.

Is mediation better than going to a lawyer?

Using mediation to negotiate a divorce agreement is almost always going to cost less and take less time than litigating the matter in Court. Moreover; mediation will result in a solid agreement that was arrived at through the consensus of both spouses, not the mandate of a judge. Like it or not, you and your spouse are going to have an ongoing relationship when you have children together, mediation can help to improve communication and make your future interactions a little bit easier. You and your spouse both know your children far better than any judge will ever know them; so who would you prefer makes the decisions about their future? You and your spouse? or a judge?

That being said, any good marital mediator welcomes attorneys to join in the mediation process to advise you along the way; and he or she will no doubt recommend that you may consult with your own attorney before signing any agreements.  

Will a mediator meet with both spouses together or separately?

That will depend on the couple. If possible, mediation will occur with both spouses present with the mediator. In that case, the mediator will take time to meet with each spouse separately at various times during the process. Alternatively, the parties can mediate separately using the mediator as a go-between.

How long will it take to mediate?

That depends on the couples and the number of areas of disagreement. 

What is the Cost of Mediation?

There are different options available:

            1. Pay by the hour: $250 per couple.

            2. Pay for a half day: $550.00 per couple (4 Hours).

            3. Pay for a full day: $1000.00 per couple (8 Hours).